Enrollment Services

Here's how VBASoftware's Enrollment Services can help you:
  • Fully detailed demographic information including family/subscriber information as well as individual member details for address, IDs, accumulators, correspondence, tooth charts, and much more
  • Full historical tracking of all enrollment information on a single subscriber/member record including Group and/or Division changes while maintaining all enrolled plan details
  • Track all Primary Care Physician (PCP) information while also leveraging the configurable VBASoftware PCP Assignment process that keeps all your membership compliant
  • Case Head and Care Manager definition used for Medicare and Medicaid processing as well as detailed Responsible Party information that can be used for Foster Care or Guardianship requirements
  • Quick lookup of Benefit Accumulators at Family/Member level for a specific benefit or procedure as well as respective totals by plan year as well as full claim level visit details to help with customer service
  • Ability to “clone” a Benefit Plan which allows quick and easy modifications to an existing plan without recreating from scratch and then have that plan applied across any number of group offerings
  • Tracking of Coordination of Benefits (COB) and pre-existing limitations through VBASoftware Other Insurance area
  • Utilize easy-to-use wizards that manage and automate all enrollment functions, including individual and family disenroll/reenroll processes, without worrying about waiting periods, COBRA requirements or letter generation
  • Disability properties and rules based on defined benefits including salary definition, employee/employer contribution, tax liability (W-4) details and EFT account details
  • Customizable ID card generation process that is populated automatically from changes made to the members eligibility through VBASoftware or external EDI processes
  • Leverage the VBASotware Notes module that allows for any number of notes to be entered and any number of attachments while being seamlessly linked to other VBASoftware services through intelligent note referencing
  • Correspondence tracking keeps a history of all letters or reports generated and sent to each member allowing the administrator to followup, set reminder, communicate deliquiency, etc. without manual intervention
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