Group Services

Here's how VBASoftware's Group Services can help you:
  • Full demographic information for each Employer Group, Division and Class as well as any custom field details used for EDI, dynamic contact rolodex, and documentation
  • Unlimited Divisions within each Group allowing for any logical separation of employee population (i.e. COBRA, Retiree, Active, Hourly, Salary, etc.) giving access to carved out benefits or completely separate plans
  • Contract assigned at Division level, allowing different Benefit Plan solutions for each Division and keeping a full history of those changes without losing any audit capabilities on prior updates
  • A wide array of group configuration options allow for the management of reinsurance, premium billing, capitation, commissions, claims auto-adjudication and much more
  • Plan definition is mutually exclusive to Group setup allowing a single plan to be offered across any number of contracts without the need to create redundant policies
  • Ability to “clone” a Benefit Plan which allows quick and easy modifications to an existing plan without recreating from scratch and then have that plan applied across any number of group offerings
  • Networks assigned at Contract level used in Claims processing to determine OON payments while Tier definitions at the Contract keep your eligibility offerings restricted preventing user error when adding eligibility
  • Plan year flexibility allow defined accumulators outside the contract dates while 4th quarter setup allows for carryover and prior administration support
  • COBRA and Retiree capabilities for tracking members eligibility within the COBRA/Retiree plan, members premiums while within the COBRA/Retiree plan and benefits covered within the COBRA/Retiree plan
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